7 Steps On How To Widen Your Content Horizons with Edit On The Spot

7 Steps On How To Widen Your Content Horizons with Edit On The Spot

Behind every great video, there is a great story…

In a world dominated by visual content, an engaging and good-quality video can help you drive your business’ success. But creating impeccable video content is only possible with the help of good editing software.
What makes good editing software really good, you may ask? Of course, it’s required to go above and beyond the ability to make the cut. It has to be powerful, user-friendly, accessible, and satisfy a variety of needs. But what about something genuinely revolutionary? Something that can serve as a companion rather than a tool, something you can 100% rely on, and something that can let you free up time to focus on unlimited creation and inspiration.

If you have always thought that editing your videos is too hard, too long, too complicated, and too expensive, then Edit on the Spot is here for you! Have you considered repurposing your videos in segments for an online training program, social media clips, or highlights from an event?

We made Edit on the Spot to allow you to publish inspiring and powerful videos across all your marketing channels.

Edit on the Spot is a “Done-For-You” video editing platform that automagically repurposes your video content while you are still filming. Press STOP and receive your videos shortly after!

Whether you are recording a video on Zoom, Teams, Skype, iPhone, or a professional video camera, your personal video editor will transform your footage into a beautifully finished video with your logo, branding, and captions! Now you can enjoy making videos without the weight of a tedious editing process.
Sounds incredible?

Seeing is Believing

Follow these 7 easy steps to make sure that magic really works:

Step 1. Book the date of your filming or live-streaming in advance.
Once you decide to unleash your imagination, just let us know beforehand.

Step 2. Choose the type of video that suits best of all for your business.
Do you know what video will attract more attention to your brand? Full video, reels, short clips, product videos, promotions, reviews – there are no boundaries with Edit On The Spot.

Step 3. Upload your logo, branding, titles and make a prepayment.
Add a pinch of individuality. Attach everything you find important to make your content unique and recognizable. Select the best look for your brand with unique text captions, colors, and logos. Our smart video editing service does all the tiresome editing work for you. This is the moment when magic becomes a reality.

Step 4. Approve your templates.
Our template library has numerous options to make the video production smart and good-looking. Just immerse yourself in our integrated library with multitudes of awesome templates, and that’s it.

Step 5. Connect your camera or live stream to our network 15 min before recording.
All you need to become a top-notch editor is to stay connected with us.

Step 6. We receive your stream and edit your clips in real-time.
No more unnecessary hardware that might cost you a pretty penny for the resulting impressive workflow.

Step 7. Voilà! Your videos are edited for you remotely, on-demand, with a click of a button.
You don’t have to be an editing geek to make amazing videos. If you are a content creator, we want you!

Some Extra Perks with Edit on the Spot

Edit on the Spot does its best to provide an unforgettable customer experience.

Join our Beta testing and receive 100 Edit on the Spot credit tokens for live editing.

  • Our credit tokens are used to order different types of videos from your original footage.
  • You can accumulate tokens to produce more amazing content.
  • Your existing credit tokens will never expire.
  • Use our smart Edit on the Spot calculator to estimate how many credit tokens are required for your needs.

$1USD = 1 Credit token.

Once you get a monthly subscription, you can instantly add credits to your account.

Refer us a friend and receive an extra 20 credit tokens after they sign up to Edit on the Spot

Share Your Ideas and Express Yourself With Edit on the Spot

If you are a regular content creator or a video production company, we will be happy to become your long-term partner!
Book in to test our Premium remote concierge editor, and we’ll give you 1 hour of live editing free in exchange for your genuine feedback.

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