Edit on the Spot Zoom App Documentation

The Edit on the Spot Zoom App connects your Zoom account with the Edit on the Spot processing centre.

 Once you have authorized the app, it works for you on the cloud and performs two types of duties: 

When you schedule a meeting or a webinar, it automatically sets the “Custom Streaming” and “Cloud recording” settings for your meeting/webinar and the copy of your live-stream goes to the Edit on the Spot digital processing centre.

We receive your stream and perform editing in  realtime.

When your meeting or webinar is over, the Zoom recording files (video, audio and transcripts) are automatically copied to the Edit-on-the-Spot cloud for editing purposes. The app works behind the curtain on the cloud, no special settings are needed. 

If you wish to stop the app, just go to your 

Zoom account / installed apps

and click the “Uninstall” button for the

“Edit on the Spot, Instant Editing for your Videos”.