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Automated Video Editing for Events and Online Creators

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At Edit on the Spot we are creating a future where video editing is done in real-time, automatically, by AI.

Do you find yourself spending hours downloading, ingesting, and moving files from one editing tool to another, only to find that your final product is still not up to scratch? With Edit on the Spot, you can achieve just that.

Imagine being able to have all the technical details taken care of automatically, so you can focus on the creative aspects of your content.

Edit on the Spot is designed to make video editing faster, easier, and more efficient for event recordings and presenter-style content.

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Do you use Zoom to record your videos, podcasts, interviews or any other content?

Our free trimming feature automatically removes dead air from the beginning and end of your recording and adds your intro and outro. Within minutes your video is ready for download.

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    Automatic trimming

    No more dead air at the beginning or end of your video

    Edit for You

    AI-powered editing

    No need for complex editing software

    Edit for You

    Custom branding

    outros with your logo

    Edit for You

    Instant delivery

    Receive a download link via email as soon as your meeting ends

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Recording a video? Stream to Edit on the Spot and let AI work for you!

Connect to Edit on the Spot through your favourite web conferencing or live streaming platform (Zoom, Teams, Restream, etc), upload or stream from your capture card.

Get your finished video ready in seconds after you finish recording or your meeting/webinar ends.

Trim and brand your recordings with ease using our free online service.

Bonus! FREE for a limited time - Edit and download your video transcription!

Coming soon - multi-segments and social media clips. Join waitlist!


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Imagine delivering your message on stage and having your professionally edited video clips ready to share with your audience within minutes. Edit on the Spot edits content while it’s being recorded so you can instantly share your moments of brilliance and amplify your message.

Ryan Tuckwood

SWISH Sales Coaching Founder, a multi-award-winning business owner and public speaker.

If you told me: Ryan, you spoke for half an hour today on stage, by the time you get to your car, you're going to have 17 different pieces for social media. I'm like, how much is that? That's cool! Sign me up!

Unleash the power of instant impact with Edit on the Spot!

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Streamline Your Video Editing Workflow with Edit on the Spot

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Enhance Productivity

Edit for You

Reduce Cost

Edit for You

Deliver video Seamlessly

Edit on the Spot is designed to streamline event production recordings workflows by using a seamless combination of cloud-based computing and storage tools. In order to avoid multiple large data transfer from daily recordings and often multi-stream events, we use video capture and live streaming services such as RTMP (coming soon: SRT, NDI, AV1), machine learning video editing tools, cloud-based storage and content delivery (CDN).

  • Get your stream keys for live streaming (RTMP)
  • Benefit from automatic top and tail, segments and clipping features
  • Add custom branding, intro/outro, logo, overlays, brand colours and fonts
  • Use Edit on the Spot as a CDN for client delivery


Learn how Edit on the Spot makes it easier for event tech companies to edit and share videos with their clients immediately after recording, streamlining the post-event content management process.


Edit for You

Edit on the Spot integrates directly with corporate online learning platforms. It helps saving time and money by streaming directly professional development sessions to your LMS. For a small cost we integrate direct uploads to your custom platform for a one click automatic editing and branding operation.

  • Top and Tail trimming feature removes dead air for the beginning and ending of your recordings.
  • Branding feature adds an image or a video as an intro title and outro to finish your videos professionally.
  • Transcription feature allow to edit and download transcription in text format and captions with time code.
  • Custom file sharing integration directly to your LMS.

Enjoy the benefits of a hands-off approach to video editing. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the video editing industry and become the go-to platform for online content and event tech companies seeking efficient and effective video editing solutions.

Automated Video Editing Done For You by AI.

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